Fairtrade coffee

Not because we have to, but because we want to!

Cocuma knows by name all the farmers who grow the coffee bough in an ecological and sustainable way: all over the world the wages are adequate and no distinction is made between the sexes. That is why our partners become our friends. Let’s enjoy it together, let’s be friends!

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One of a kind

All beans are hand-picked only when they are ripe enough. The quality and purity of the batch is meticulously controlled and the batch is then stored in an environment with special walls lined with clay, enzymes and essential oils.

Visual inspection

Before roasting, the coffee undergoes a visual inspection and then each individual blend is roasted according to a very precise method. As soon as the first ‘crunch’ is heard, the level of attention rises to extract the coffee at the right time.


To avoid the presence of impurities, each batch of fresh coffee is vacuumed after cooling in a cleaning unit, so that even the smallest impurities, if any, are filtered out.

A small roastery in French Switzerland produces the best coffee in Italy

Special walls coated with clay, enzymes and essential oils
Decorticated wood for even less impact
Neutral Carbon Footprint
An ecological roasting plant

Neutral Carbon Footprint

Electricity is generated by solar energy and stored for the winter in recyclable batteries.

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Roasting company foundation


Kg of roasted coffee over the years


Solar energy produced today

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