Tasting notes

Exclusively for connoisseurs: this harmonious combination of unique coffees combines a fruity, flowery bouquet with an aromatic acidity punctuated by a natural sweetness.

The Diamante Arabica blend from Brazil contains a selection of high quality Brazilian coffees:

Mundo Novo - Catuai - CaffèBourbon

The nose is fine and elegant, with fruity aromas of blackberries and blueberries and a hint of toast, chocolate and light tobacco complement these rich and complex aromas. The attack is direct, powerful and elegant, with great intensity. It appeals to all taste buds and is creamy, the texture is silky and smooth. The impression on the palate is very full and rich with aromas of chocolate and freshly baked bread. The exceptional length of the finish concludes an extraordinarily balanced tasting.

Arabica origin of coffee plants

Altitude: + 1000 to 1300 metres

Type of soil: volcanic

Type of shade trees: mixed (ingas, native trees, banana trees)

Precipitation in mm / year: 1500 to 1800 mm

Annual average temperature: 23° C

Harvest time: May to August

The production process

Harvesting method: Handpicked

Washing method: natural

Drying method: 100% sun-dried

Preparation: entirely by hand


  • Sustainable resources - Carbon footprint neutral.
  • Fair Trade - Fair wages for all workers.
  • Guaranteed quality - Hand-picked and wood-fired roasting.

Grain or Ground

There are two ways we can deliver your coffee: freshly ground and ready to use for Moka, Espresso, French Press or Filter, or beans to grind at home with your own grinder.

  • Moka

  • Espresso

  • French Press

  • Filter

Choose the grinding method that suits your preparation

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