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Gift Bundle Coffee Kit Bio 250g + Hario Skerton Coffee Grinder MSCS-2TB

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Grinding your own coffee every morning ensures that it is always fresh. In just a few simple steps you can drink a truly different coffee with deep aromas of distant lands. Discover Cocuma


Capacity: 100gr.

Dimensions: 167x95x195mm

Materials: polypropene, silicone, heat-proof glass

Colour: black

Make the fantastic Skerton grinder an integral part of your coffee extraction process, and you'll be assured of an extremely stable grinder with a handle that allows a secure grip on the product.

The large capacity of the Skerton allows you to grind coffee for several people at a time, so you can enjoy a good cup of coffee together.

Bioco coffee

This organic blend is intense, chocolatey, full-bodied with a sweet aftertaste.

Combining the many facets of Arabica, the blend contains a selection of high quality varieties:

Caturra - Bourbon - Otros - Bourbon rojo

On the nose, black cherries, plums, warm spices, sweet tobacco. Exceptionally rich and intense, with excellent balance and precision. Excellent structure in the mouth, juicy and complex. The finish is long, persistent and full of character.

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Coffee Ethiopia Bio

ETHIOPIA - Lekempti

100% organic Arabica

This organic blend is intense with soft aromatic notes. Intense flavour with sweet aromatic notes, medium acidity and pronounced body, lingering fruitiness in the mouth.

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Coffee Colombia Bio

COLOMBIA - Kachalú

100% organic Arabica

This organic blend is intense with notes of cherry and rich in body. Combining the many facets of Colombian Arabica, it contains a high quality selection of:

Caturra - Castillio

Intense aromas with notes of cherry, pronounced acidity and rich body.

It is a rounded, sweet coffee, prolonged by a lingering chocolate and almond flavour.

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  • Sustainable resources - Carbon footprint neutral.
  • Fair Trade - Fair wages for all workers.
  • Guaranteed quality - Hand-picked and wood-fired roasting.

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