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Gift Bundle Coffee Passion 500g + Hario Skerton Coffee Grinder MSCS-2TB

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Grinding your own coffee every morning ensures that it is always fresh. In just a few simple steps you can drink a truly different coffee with deep aromas of distant lands. Discover Cocuma


Capacity: 100gr.

Dimensions: 167x95x195mm

Materials: polypropene, silicone, heat-proof glass

Colour: black

Make the fantastic Skerton grinder an integral part of your coffee extraction process, and you'll be assured of an extremely stable grinder with a handle that allows a secure grip on the product.

The large capacity of the Skerton allows you to grind coffee for several people at a time, so you can enjoy a good cup of coffee together.

Passion Coffee

Tasting notes

85% Arabica | 15% Robusta

A real connoisseur's delight: the taste qualities of natural coffee enriched with washed coffees from Central America give this blend its fruity and spicy bouquet.

Combining the many facets of arabica/robusta, the blend contains a selection of high quality varieties:

Catimor - Caturra - Catuai

The nose is very aromatic, reminiscent of red fruits (blackberry, blackcurrant, unripe cherry), as well as notes of hazelnut, toasted almond and violet, with a hint of vanilla. The palate is round, with good breadth. The structure is pleasant. On the mid-palate, the fruity and cherry notes blossom and combine with a harmonious woodiness. Lots of nobility and presence in a long, generous finish.

Origin of coffee plants

Height: + 1200 metres

Type of soil: volcanic

Type of shade trees: mixed (ingas, native trees, banana trees)

Precipitation in mm/year: 2500 mm

Annual average temperature: 20 °C

Harvesting period: December to March

The production process

Harvesting method: harvested by hand, at least 2-3 times a year.

Washing: traditional washing and fermentation.

Drying method: 100 % sun-dried.

Preparation: entirely by hand

  • Sustainable resources - Carbon footprint neutral.
  • Fair Trade - Fair wages for all workers.
  • Guaranteed quality - Hand-picked and wood-fired roasting.

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