3 BIO blends to try

Follow your curiosity, discover the certified organic coffee by COCUMA Caffè. From the first drink, you will be impressed by its taste and aroma.

Colombia Bio

Direct and exclusive: this organic blend is intense and rich, with notes of cherry. Read more

Ethiopia Bio

Intense flavour with sweet aromatic notes, medium acidity, fruity and pronounced body and finish. Read more


This organic blend is intense, chocolaty, with great body and a sweet aftertaste. Read more

  • Sustainable Resources – Neutral Carbon Footprint.
  • Fair trade – Fair wages for all workers.
  • Guaranteed quality – Hand-picked and wood-roasted.

Beans or grounded

There are two ways in which we can deliver your coffee: freshly ground and ready to use for Moka, Espresso, French Press or Filter, or beans to be ground at home with your own grinder.
  • Moka Pot

  • Espresso

  • French Press

  • Filter

Choose the type of grind that suits your preparation